This is list of previous works of the opera company. An updated list will appear soon.


.: The Legend of the Rood

A Medieval Musical based on a Cornish Miracle Play of the same name. Composed and adapted by Thomas Wagner. A very funny play with Medieval sounding music, God, devils, executioners and a happy ending. This was the initial offering of the Wagner Renaissance Opera Company. It toured successfully for several years.

.: The Wheat Remains

An opera in three acts brilliantly derived by William Cronin from Frank Norris' 'The Octopus'. The farmers revolt when the railroad decides to sell their option land. Tragedy and love in nineteenth century California. Music by Thomas Wagner and libretto by William Cronin.

.: Venus and Adonis

An entertainment for the king by John Blow. The king being Charles I. A truly lovey baroque piece.

.: The Crocodile

An opera in One Act, four scenes based on the short story of the same name by Fedor Dostoevksy. Composed and adapted by Thomas Wagner.


























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